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Manufacturers of Pharma Grade Corn starch / Maize Starch

Pharma Grade Corn Starch is used for a wide variety of Pharmaceutical products and in order to match the Indian Pharmacy and British Pharmacy standards, extreme supervision and care is taken during the manufacturing process. The basic raw material (maize) used for producing Pharma Grade Maize Starch is of the highest quality and supreme hygienic conditions are maintained during the manufacturing process. Our Pharma Grade Corn Starch meets all International quality standards. Some of the applications of Pharma Grade Corn Starch are: Coating agent to cover sour taste of pills, base for anti-biotic medicines, Filler in capsules, etc. OTHER THAN THESE, CORN STARCH IS ALSO USED FOR APPLICATION IN PAPER INDUSTRY (CATIONIC STARCH), CORRUGATED BOX MANUFACTURING, AND ADHESIVE INDUSTRY ETC. FOR MORE DETAILS PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH US…

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