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Liquid Glucose, Corn Syrup or Glucose Syrup are the different names for the same product. When Corn Starch is subjected to high temperatures in presence of acids, Liquid Glucose is obtained. It is generally odorless and creamish to yellowish liquid in appearance. The prominent features of the Liquid Glucose are that it not only prevents crystallization, it also improves the brightness and transparency in appearance of the products, reduces sweetness in candies and can be used as a perfect supplement for cane sugar which leads to crystallization and hardening of candies. The Liquid Glucose is highly viscous solution and useful for shaping desserts. The applications of Corn Syrup include being a sweetener in confectionery, biscuits, jams, jellies, pastries and liquor owing to its mild sweetness and nutrition value. It is also a significant ingredient in the Pharmaceutical industry for manufacturing cough syrups, tonics and in tablet coatings as granulating agent. Apart from these, the Liquid glucose is also used as a flavoring, texturing and stabilizing agent in Tobacco products like chewing tobacco and cigarettes, anti-caking agent in production of shoe polish and also for tanning process for leather industry.

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