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Manufacturers of Food Grade Corn starch / Maize Starch

We are the Leading Manufacturers of Corn Starch, Corn Star is known as Maize Starch and We are Exporter,Suppliers of Corn Starch Powder at India. We offer better quality powder, precisely checked for taste and quality as well as stored in hygienic conditions. We specialize in CORN STARCH POWDER, MODIFIED STARCH, DEXTROSE MONOHYDRATE, DEXTROSE ANHYDROUS and can provide the best quality at lowest possible rates One of the widest applications of the Corn Starch or Corn Flour is in the food industry. It ranges from Bakery products like breads and buns, liquid based foods like ketchups, soups, gravies etc. When mixed with low temperature liquid, Corn starch works as a thickening agent and therefore good for soups, ketchups etc. In confectioner’s sugar, corn starch is used as an anti-caking agent. Various other food items like baby powder contain corn starch. Various Applications of Corn Starch in Food industry are: Bakery, Confectionery, Ketchup, Soup, Sauce, Gravy, Custard etc.

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