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Corn Starch or popularly known as Maize starch has a wide range of applications due to low protein and ash counts. One of the biggest benefits of Maize starch is that it can be made into a smooth paste in a period of one hour. And because the pH level of the Corn Starch is in a neutral range, the need to add anti-foaming agents vanishes. The reason for Maize starch having wide range of applications is due to its properties of Thickening, Binding, Texturing, Filler and Anti-lumping.

Various Applications of Corn Starch/Maize Starch

Bakery Products like Breads, Buns, Ketchups, Gravies, Soups, Dairy Products etc. Corrugated Box manufacturing, Paper Industry, Textile sizing, Adhesives, Pharmaceutical Applications like Syrup and Tablet binder.

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